Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Book- Gesture Drawing: Foundation of the Figure

I am excited to announce I have just published my first book: Gesture Drawing: Foundation of the Figure.  It can be viewed on a MAC or iPad and is available through iBooks from this link:

The ISBN# is:  9780996542005

It presents a simple step by step process for gesture drawing; containing over 60 pages of instruction and exercises, and close to 200 hundred gesture drawing examples and diagrams.  It covers topics from the first lines you make in a drawing to anatomy and light and shadow that will help the beginner and the professional alike.
Thanks for all the support and views for Drawsh, I hope you like the book!


  1. Congrats! Sadly, I don't use Apple products!

  2. Thanks for your interest in the book. I am looking into print options, so hopefully will have a print version sometime soon.

  3. Gesture Drawing: Foundation of the Figure is an awesome book ! When I brought it in to show my friend Andy London who heads the animation dept at Hostos Community College in NYC he was delighted with the book and bought it for his in-school library . I give the book to my students and friends and wish they had had it at Pratt when i learned to draw...only Josh Reed was in kindergarten most likely .