Other Sites

If you like this blog, here are a few more sites you may be interested in:

This is my art blog containing professional and personal work.

Marshall Vandruff is one of the best instructors out there, if you are in the area I highly recommend taking his seminars.

Joe weatherly is an incredible animal artist and instructor, I have all of his books and you should too!

Characters Engage is an inspiring site that showcases some of the best artists in the animation and illustration industry. There is also an interview about Drawsh.com in their archives, issue 13!

"Less Tits N' Ass, More Kickn' Ass" is a site where Karine Charlebois and other artists post draw over analysis of comic book covers and art.  In addition to good drawing and construction analysis, Karine and the artists posit some interesting questions about how and why to pose your characters the way you do.   A fun and informative site great for animators and illustrators!

More to come!